Adhere to the "quality" of the initial heart, home enterprises can meet the consumption expectation

2018-3-12 9:26:58

In 2017, the home furnishing industry is growing and struggling. We are used to seeing the rise and fall of the industry from the perspective of industry. However, we forget that consumers should have the most say in products. This paper tries to solve some problems in the development of enterprises from the perspective of consumers.

In 2017, the home industry has a lot to worry about, and for consumers, the biggest worry is product quality. The Beijing news reporter discovery, in 2017, household industry product testing results, there are big brand products have been rejected, the category have qualified rate is low, some new household items had quality problems. Take inventory of these products and expect less quality problems in 2018 and better consumer environment for consumers.

Big names are not entirely reliable.

"Brand ring", often be the important reference that consumer chooses furniture building material. However, big brands do not guarantee the quality of the products. In 2017, the "big brands" are also on the "black list". Unfortunately, there is no immediate recognition, explanation, or solution to the problems of these big branded products, so consumers are "cold hearted". This time, though, it is hoped that they will bid farewell to the black list in 2018.


On November 21, 2017, ikea announced the recall of 17.3 million drawers in the north American region, following the reoccurrence of cases of child deaths caused by the dumping of drawers. But China has not announced a recall decision. In this regard, aqsiq's deployment of the defect product management center to discuss ikea (China) investment co., ltd. requires that it earnestly fulfill the responsibility of the recall.

In December 1, 2017, ikea retail China President chang-lai zhu public response, according to "malm" series drawer ark tilt is not quality problems, not repeated recall in China, the affected consumer sustainable for wall accessories, wall installation and on the door for a full refund, etc, and the product has not production.

On the morning of January 11, tianjin consumer association issued a comparison test results of class a security door. Results show that the overall quality, there are 10 16 samples do not conform to the requirements of the relevant standards, involving the nominal step for the day, Yang, long, beautiful heart, such as market share, higher brand, permanent marker, material thickness, lock parts breakdown test do not conform to the requirements of the relevant standards, and other projects. In 615cm2 through the door fan test, according to the regulation, the damage time should be more than 30 minutes. The test result of the nominal brand is 9 minutes and 18 seconds.

In November 2017, the China council for the promotion of quality tour newly released "2017 Chinese anti-theft door product quality and service monitoring report shows that online shopping in 12 samples of anti-theft door seven do not conform to the requirements of the relevant standards, involving a solid, long, on the day, feiyun, DE shield, sharp, high ya ju seven brands.

On June 23, 2017, jiangsu province administration for industry and commerce issued circulation result of sampling observation of quality goods, microtek ", "eye", "red apple" and other well-known brand products have been rejected. A trademark is "the apple of the eye", the production date/item number is "2016-08", the model is "cz01627-b", the bottom panel of the dining chair is unsealed, uncoated, and the wood worker is not qualified. A trademark is "full friend", the dining seat face and back of the "88602" are coated, and the bottom of the seat is unsealed and undecorated, and the carpenter's requirement is not qualified. A trademark is "red apple", the production date/item number is "2015-10-31", the specification model is "r632b-20,500 * 400 * 465 (mm)" bedside table, the bottom of the drawer is unsealed and undecorated, the carpenter's requirement is not qualified.

In September 2017, the hunan administration for industry and commerce issued "in the second quarter of 2017 circulation commodity quality random inspection unqualified commodity list", three nominal trademark as "duoleshi" coating on the list. Including nominal akzo Nobel swire lacquer oily (guangzhou) co., LTD., production of "duoleshi" optimal escape engineering interior wall paint (white) and bamboo charcoal super matte net 5 in 1 metope lacquer, and nominal akzo Nobel swire lacquer oily (Shanghai) co., LTD production of easydrive white paint. All three groups were judged to be unqualified due to their non-compliance with the requirements.

The problem of children furniture frequency is worrying.

In 2017, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (aqsiq) released data showing that, in the sampling inspection products of the quality inspection bureau, less than 80% of the products of children's furniture, air purifiers and smart toilet seats were selected. In the provincial and municipal quality supervision department and the industrial and commercial department of the spot check, these categories are also spot check the key, repeatedly spot check, repeatedly appears the unqualified product. In children furniture, for example, in 2017, many times in selectiving examination, unqualified products appear frequently, and the "colorful life", "fu liza FLEXA" brands such as appear more than once, the unqualified "well-known brand" is more. Does the industry need to rethink when a product from a brand to a generic brand frequently has a quality problem? Take stock of these "tainted products" and hope to be "named" less in 2018.


In May 2017, the Shanghai industrial and commercial bureau website network platform sales result of sampling observation of quality children furniture high chair (children), the Shanghai industrial and commercial bureau to Tmall ikea mall, 1 shop, online mall and other five network platform sales of 39 batches sampling observation of quality children's high chairs, children's furniture, after the examination, there are eight unqualified batch, percent of pass is 20.5%.

In June 2017, jiangsu province quality and technical supervision bureau announced the quality supervision and risk monitoring results of children's furniture products in the second quarter of 2017. The children furniture product of sampling observation of 149 batches, including 52 batches sampling in the production of enterprises, the electric business platform 50 batches sampling, marketing products sampling 47 batch, sampling, according to the results of June 1, beibei 46 batches brand furniture such as the quality of the product is unqualified, there is a problem of some products is mainly structural safety, warning marks, and formaldehyde release a quantity to project indicators do not conform to the requirements of the standard.

In July 2017, the jiangsu provincial administration for industry and commerce announced the quality test results of furniture products in the province. The test involved 56 brands, 156 batches of goods, qualified 84 batches, and the qualified rate was 53.8%. Among them, a nominal trademark for "colorful life", specifications for "K5 - N03020, 520, 420, 550 (mm), nominal production unit" shenzhen colorful life furniture group co., LTD. "(chair) of children furniture edge and cutting-edge projects is unqualified, below 1600 mm can come in contact with dangerous outside (ark) on the back without the round handle.

In August 2017, the Beijing municipal bureau of industry and commerce released the results of the 2016 commodity quality sampling inspection and found that 40 pieces of furniture were not qualified. Most of the substandard furniture is children's bed furniture (upper and lower bed, crib), FLEXA FLEXA, star beauty villa, colorful life and other famous brand children's furniture are in it.

Recently, the shenzhen market supervision and administration bureau released the results of the inspection of the quality supervision of children's furniture products in 2017. There are 20 batches of samples, 17 batches of qualified products and 3 batches of unqualified products. "Barbie", "my e home", "ikea" and other products have been rejected.

Beware of household items.

In addition to furniture building materials, some new household appliances, supplies quality also received attention. These products that want to improve the quality of life, if the quality is not qualified, it is better than not to buy. When buying new household products, do not hunt for novelty, but also pay attention to quality when they value their functions, and choose qualified products.


Recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued in 2017 by the aqsiq about water purifier special products quality supervision and spot check the bulletin, the spot check the 107 companies in 109 batches of products. According to the inspection, 71 batches of products produced by 69 enterprises were qualified, 38 batches produced by 38 enterprises were unqualified, and the detection rate of unqualified products was 34.9%. There are some well-known brands in the unqualified products. Among them, the brand products such as rongda, philips and rongsheng were not qualified, which involved the total net amount of water and the safety of the whole machine.

In December, shenzhen consumer council issued the 2017 household formaldehyde detector/box comparison test report, test report, higher sales on the market seven new household formaldehyde detector/box test result accuracy is poorer, the highest error of 228%. The comparative experiments, shenzhen cc jingdong, Tmall, suning online sales platform to buy the top 5 formaldehyde detector, two formaldehyde detection box as the test samples for testing. Compared with the "standard value" (the "standard value"), the relative error range is between 17% and 228%. The TVOC test result of the detector was compared with the "standard value", and the relative error range was between 21% and 182%. In the comparison test, the same environment of the same formaldehyde detection box was found to be inconsistent.