Accidental design: beyond reasonable surprise design to ensure quality

2018-3-12 9:24:53

Shenzhen fashion house design week and the 33rd shenzhen international furniture exhibition is about to open, and the furniture and design communities come together to seek common development and innovation. No value, no design, furniture exhibition, ladder operation continues to be hot, EY products will also bring surprise design products to participate in the exhibition. Through the opportunity of this press conference, sohu focus on home interview to the accident design founder, zhou hui and huang guodong.

Zhou hui and huang guodong are both partners and partners. They graduated from space design, and in 2010 they created accidental designs because of some serendipity. Now the accident design has been established for seven years, and the brand is constantly adjusting on the way of development, from the home direction of the establishment to the present market of the transition gift market. This is not only the performance of the market demand, but also the transformation of their interests. Along the way, they always design with awe, to ensure the quality of the product, and make the unexpected design become a reasonable and pleasant surprise. This time, we will also see the sincere work brought by the unexpected design in the fashion design week of 2018 and the 33rd shenzhen international furniture exhibition.

Accidental design: adjust the direction while adhering to quality.

Consumers' perceptions of unexpected design are constantly changing. Accidental design not only has done furniture, but also dabbles in jewelry, present partial gift direction.

In zhou hui's view, introspection is the cause of the unexpected design adjustment. "We combine ourselves, and we combine the current society, identify our strengths, and find what works best for us." In the process of development, enterprises should continuously self-negate and keep thinking, only in this way can we find the development direction of the most suitable enterprise. However, no matter how the accident design changes, the design quality and product quality are long lasting.

In the eyes of huang guodong, space design is a process from zero to 100 infinite loop, while product design can put personal experience into product, which is a sustainable thing. The accident design is to integrate the experience with the product, so that the quality is consistent, and the design is always new.

The favorite work and the most satisfying design are always next.

For zhou hui and huang guodong, the design inspiration is not imaginary, but comes from daily accumulation. "The daily accumulation of material through the intersection and continuous integration, will bear fruit. When the right subject meets the right elements, new products emerge. Huang guodong told reporters. Only pay attention to life, pay attention to the details, make daily accumulation into the design material, the design will not be hard, the product will come naturally.

When it comes to satisfying works, the two agree that the favorite works will always be iterated. "What you are doing right now is what you are most satisfied with. But our ability to wake up is very strong, and satisfaction is only a phase concept. "Especially after the product has been in the market for a while, there will be some problems, so there is no product that is perfect in our mind."

It is most important that the product is not limited.

Accidental design never limits the product domain, nor does it exclude the addition of emerging technology elements to the product. Diverse points of interest is the source of accidental design innovative, valuable is every point of interest they can take hold in place, from the "gift" to the "time series" to "series of beautifiul weishan water, each product series embodies the accidental design experimenting, the spirit of courage to challenge. As long as there is a suitable theme, they will combine with the product.

Wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley, and the quality of products also need to be the icing on the cake. The association has always been the most attentive and meticulous association in the eyes of huang guodong. Is based on the meticulous work attitude, let accidentally saw shenzhen design vogue to live in the potential of design week, become a resident of the exhibition the exhibitors, this means that the unexpected fashion design will be as old friends help the 2018 shenzhen household design week, add design for the 33rd shenzhen international furniture fair. In addition to the simple exhibition, huang guodong also hopes to have the cooperation in the future research and development products.

Ordinary place hidden surprise, surprise design in do, is to reproduce these subtle pleasant surprise, in the design into the feeling of life, experience the wonderful life in the works.

In the fashion house design week of 2018 and the 33 shenzhen international furniture exhibition, let's meet the accident and meet the beautiful life together.